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Wanna know more about SoulTalk?

These are transformational talks especially for actors, and I host one each month, totally for free.

These talks are fully channelled, so anything could happen!

Every month, I pick a topic based on the biggest needs I see in the acting community.

Then from there, we get on Zoom together, and we open to Divine guidance and healing.

I know the journey of an actor can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster.

How do I know?

Well, I'm an actor myself!

Plus, I've spent the last several years supporting actors and creatives working at the highest tiers to level up their lives and careers.

I created SoulTalk for Actors because I want you to have a safe space where you can activate the Truth of who you really are.

A space for you to feel empowered.

A space for you to feel held and supported.

A space for you to realize that the desires you have for your acting career are in your heart because you're meant to live them!

I can't wait for you to join me and our beautiful community for SoulTalk for Actors.

See you there!

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"You've literally helped push my career forward."

"There's something truly beautiful working with someone who doesn't really have a "game face" but is actually more of their truest self when they're working. You're always bringing your truest I feel comfortable to bring all of me. 

You've literally helped push my career forward. You helped me envision some of my goals and dreams, and they actually came into fruition.

You helped me discover the importance of breath and taking time to myself.

By practicing with you, I've developed the skills I've needed to keep moving and just [to be] more in tune with my body and heart."

- Jessie Hooker-Bailey, Broadway Actress (Waitress, Beautiful)

"I am witnessing one of my main goals for this year coming to fruition, which is to love my daily life."

"Before I started working with Rachael, I had a lot of physical and emotional tension and was easily overwhelmed when work assignments came in on top of each other. 

But even by the end of our first session, I felt a huge weight lift, and by the end of our first three months together, I can see a clear difference in how I am approaching my life. 

I am moving from a reactive perspective on my life where I felt like I was always putting out fires or trying to catch up, to a more intentional, proactive perspective.

I can now often recognize and appreciate when there is more ease and flow in my day to day.  I am moving out of procrastination into action more easily.

In the course of our work, my acting career has moved forward in positive ways in terms of bookings and auditions. 

But the most exciting result from working with Rachael is that I am witnessing one of my main goals for this year coming to fruition, which is to love my daily life."

- Stephanie Keefer, Actress & Writer (Superstore, American Crime Story)

"During my time working with Rachael, I was cast in 2 shows, I booked a commercial, I got a callback, a chemistry read, and was cast in a short film."

"During my time working with Rachael, I was cast in 2 shows, I booked a commercial, I got a callback, a chemistry read, and was cast in a short film.

My personal life has also gone [through] the roof!

I feel so much more confident and an overall sense [of being] more at ease with where I am in my life.

My ambitions are greater, but it just feels like there’s almost more simplicity and confidence in working towards my goals. 

It’s so so cool to me that people that live in LA, people that live in Chicago and New York - everywhere - we’re all coming together to share and support one another. 

The work that I have done with Rachael has been...the most beneficial and the most comforting form of “therapy” - healing really - that I have ever experienced.

Really it is a true healing."



- Maggie Wetzel, Actor, Singer & Yoga Teacher


Get to Know Your Guide

Rachael Ferrera is an award-winning actress, singer, and spoken word poet. She has a BFA from NYU Tisch School of the Arts where she studied Theater and Psychology, and she has appeared on Broadway, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and Netflix. Rachael has performed in Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center and has shared stages and screens with Wayne Brady, Loretta Devine, and The Roots. She loves sharing meaningful art that positively impacts hearts and minds and changes our world for the better.

Rachael is also a Spiritual Teacher and Reiki Master Practitioner who specializes in supporting actors, creatives, and multi-passionate artists to enrich their lives and careers by learning to deeply love themselves, trust themselves, and follow their intuition. Her client base includes TV series regulars, Broadway stars, celebrity make-up artists, high-profile life coaches, and more. 

Rachael has been featured in publications like The New York Times, The Root, Broadway Box, and Voyage LA. She is a frequent guest on podcasts like Follow Your Light, Wesam’s World, and The Creative Soul Podcast. Rachael has been brought in as an energy healing expert for communities like Liz Kimball’s The Collective, Miata Edoga’s Abundance Bound, and Sarah Mac’s Freedom Club. She lives in sunny Los Angeles.