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Most Requested Topics Include:


  • The Truth About Self-Love: It's More Than Just Bubble Baths
  • Chakra Healing: Using Your 7 Major Energy Centers to Activate Ease, Joy, and Success
  • Stop the Emotional Roller Coaster: Inviting Ease to the Creative Journey
  • Can We Talk?: How to Have Honest Conversations about Intersectionality
  • The Doorway to Everything: Cultivating Trust & Presence to Activate Your Next-Level Life
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The Mission

We’ve been taught that the way to reach our highest potential is by hustling, grinding, and basically being as productive as possible in every moment.

But I’ve discovered an entirely different Truth.

For nearly a decade, I have been helping actors, creatives, entrepreneurs, and more to reach their greatest levels of success.

Through this work, I have seen that the most efficient and effective way to higher levels of success is to create the internal environment that allows you to thrive. 

When we do this, success begins to naturally and easily flow to us!

So how do we create this internal environment? 

Through self love, intuition, and trust.

We’ve all heard it at some point!

  • “You’ve gotta love yourself! Be authentic.” 
  • “Follow your intuition.” 
  • “Trust yourself.” 


  • What if you’re not quite sure who your authentic self is? 
  • What if you can’t tell the difference between your fear and your intuition?
  • What if you’ve experienced so much trauma, that even the word “trust” makes you shudder inside?

We need a bridge to take us from the intellectual understanding of these qualities, to a visceral knowing of how to embody them.

That’s where I come in!

This just so happens to be one of my greatest superpowers.

That’s why it’s my mission to help a million people around the world learn to deeply love themselves, follow their intuition, and Trust themselves and The Universe fully. 

I would love to support your team, conference attendees, or organization in reaching their highest potential!


What People are Saying

“Rachael's speaking was transformative and deeply healing.

Rachael’s powerful presence, combined with her intuitive abilities, created a safe space.

The attendees came away with tangible tools and practices to move through energetic resistance to taking the action required to reach their goals.

Rachael is very gifted and an unforgettable speaker, I highly recommend taking any opportunity you can to spend time in her magical energy.”

Sarah Mac, Mindset & Creative Biz Coach

Rachael Ferrera brought so much energy and brilliance to my group, inspiring them with new ways of thinking that were perfectly aligned to what I was teaching them. The students raved about it afterward!”

- Paula Crossfield, Vedic Astrologer & Business Mentor for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

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Speaking Clips

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Full Bio

Rachael is a transformational speaker, spiritual teacher, and reiki master practitioner using her superpowers to bring energy healing to the masses and spread a message of empowerment across the globe. She has a BFA from NYU Tisch School of the Arts where she studied Theater and Psychology and has spent over a decade exploring and teaching the powerful effects of energy healing and metaphysics. 

Rachael is a magician at taking abstract concepts like self-love, trust, and intuition and breaking them down in a way that creates clear and practical answers to the question, “...but how do I actually do that?” Her work has touched Broadway stars, marketing experts, TV series regulars, high-profile life coaches, students, celebrity make-up artists, creative entrepreneurs, producers, and more. 

Rachael is also an award-winning actress, singer, and spoken word poet who has appeared on Broadway, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and Netflix. She has performed in Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center and has shared stages and screens with Wayne Brady, Loretta Devine, and The Roots.

Rachael has been featured in publications like The New York Times, The Root, Broadway Box, and Voyage LA. She is a frequent guest on podcasts like Follow Your Light, Wesam’s World, and The Creative Soul Podcast. Rachael has been brought in as a guest speaker and energy healing expert for communities like Liz Kimball’s The Collective, Miata Edoga’s Abundance Bound, and Sarah Mac’s Freedom Club. She lives in sunny Los Angeles.

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Short Bio

Rachael is a Broadway and TV actress, transformational speaker, spiritual teacher, and reiki master practitioner using her superpowers to bring energy healing to the masses and share messages of love and empowerment across the globe. She has a BFA from NYU Tisch School of the Arts where she studied Theater and Psychology. Rachael lives in sunny Los Angeles. Connect with Rachael at or on Instagram @therachaelferrera.

Spoken Word Poet

Poetry Samples

Undeniably Great - by Rachael Ferrera

Breathe Love - by Rachael Ferrera 

Music by Mark Bryan

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