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"Clearing unblocked energy is maybe the single most effective thing I have done for my creativity in the last several months. The only way I can describe Rachael's work is: magic."- Liz K, Creativity Catalyst

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Through working with me, my clients have...

  • Booked films working alongside Oscar, Tony, and Emmy winners
  • Booked Broadway debuts & national tours 
  • Released singles & music videos 
  • Written books
  • Become healers 
  • Started businesses 
  • Purchased first homes & new cars
  • Fallen in love, been proposed to, and gotten married
  • Conceived babies
  • And so much more‚Äč

If you’re ready to live in a place of power, joy, and fulfillment...

If you're ready to enrich your creative career, enhance your life, make a bigger impact, and share your unique gifts to better our world...

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"During the time of working with Rachael I was cast in 2 shows, I booked a commercial, I got a callback, chemistry read, and was cast in a short film!"  Maggie W. - Actor & Yoga Teacher

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